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"You are not authorized for this site" error
"You are not authorized for this site" error
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The error You are not authorized for this site is shown for one of two reasons:

1) You're attempting to login to your Sumo installation with an email address not listed as an Admin or User or 2) the Sumo install code is being modified by your website, or is incorrectly installed

In order to resolve this issue, we must first determine that the Sumo installation code on your site is correct.

1) Verifying Installation is correct

1 Go to the page on your site that you're running into this error on. Right-click and View Page Source (if using Google Chrome) to open up your page's source code.

Note: If you installed Sumo through GTM, you won't be able to see your install code in the page source so write in for help!


2 A basic Sumo install code will look like this:

<script async>(function(s,u,m,o,j,v){j=u.createElement(m);v=u.getElementsByTagName(m)[0];j.async=1;j.src=o;j.dataset.sumoSiteId='1234567812345678123456781234567812345678123456781234567812345678';v.parentNode.insertBefore(j,v)})(window,document,'script','//');</script>

3 Next, search for and look for the sumoSiteId=. You should see a long string of letters and numbers after the "=". This is your SiteID.

4 If you're using the Sumo Shopify app, your install code will look like this:


Attention: If your install code is missing after SiteId=, skip to the next section.

6 Now go to and find the Sumo Site you installed on your site.

7 To the right of the Manage button next to your Sumo Site, click the downward arrow icon.


8 Compare the SiteID here against the one you copied from your website. If they match, the email address you logged into on is the correct email.

9 If the two SiteIDs do not match, write in for help! We'd be happy to get this resolved for you.

2) Resolving Installation issues

1 If you don't see a SiteID after SiteId in your installation code, or if you can't find the code, then it's probably being modified by something on your website.

2 Here are the most common causes:

  • The install code is being cached by your website.

  • The install code is being modified by something (a plugin/app) on your website.

You cannot cache or modify the Sumo install code, or it Sumo will not work properly and result in errors like the "not authorized" one!. If you are running a plugin that modifies JavaScript, you'll need to either disable it or add an exception for the Sumo install code.

3 Here's a list of known plugins that can cause conflicts with Sumo:

  • Above the Fold Optimization

  • JCH Optimize

  • W3 Total Cache

  • WP Fastest Cache

  • WP Super Cache

  • Plugins that include MooTools

4 Using W3 Total Cache? Check out the video below.

W3 Total Cache has a setting called JS Minify that can cause the Sumo install code to stop working properly and cause this issue.

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