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Managing your Multi-site / Agency Plan
Managing your Multi-site / Agency Plan
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Multi-site / Agency Plans

BDOW! (formerly Sumo) Pro plans may either include multi-site or it can be purchased as an addons. The total number of sites that your subscription may be applied to is based on which plan you choose. The number of sites available on each plan includes the original subscription that was purchased towards its total "Sites Included".

Multi-site / Agency Addons

All BDOW! (formerly Sumo) Pro plans can purchase extra multi-site addons in addition to what is included in the subscription plan. Discounts do not apply to addon rates.

Managing your BDOW! (formerly Sumo) multi-site

Adding or Removing your multi-site subscription can be done through both primary or secondary sites. In order to manage this properly you must have the following:

If you do not have BDOW! (formerly Sumo) installed and activated on a secondary site, your subscription cannot be applied to it.

  1. Log into BDOW! (formerly Sumo) on your primary or secondary site with the admin account that purchased the subscription, click on the Sumo Crown > Sumo Store button on the top right corner of the Sumo Panel

  2. To add a site, first, click on the Billing icon in the left panel of your Sumo Store window, then click on the "ASSIGN SITE TO SUBSCRIPTION" button located in the center bottom.

    If you receive the warning "Uh oh! You don't have any other active Sumo sites. Click below to add a new site." Please be sure you create and activate a new SiteID.

  3. Select the Secondary site you would like to add through the dropdown menu then click on the green "ASSIGN SITE" button.

  4. Your billing will now show the secondary site added.

  5. To remove a site, simply click on the "REMOVE SITE" button, followed by a confirmation.

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