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Chrome Ad Blocker: BDOW!’s Action Plan
Chrome Ad Blocker: BDOW!’s Action Plan
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What Is The Google Chrome Ad Blocker?

BDOW! (formerly Sumo) has been taking steps to make sure we’re prepared for the Google Ad Blocker changes. If you haven’t heard, Google has recently joined the Coalition For Better Ads which provides standards for how ads should show on websites. While popups aren't necessarily ads, they may under certain conditions be blocked. Here are the steps we're taking to ensure the impact to your forms will be minimal.

What Is Sumo Doing?

  • Monitoring the changes to new ad blocking rules.

  • Building a product roadmap to make sure all our tools are ad block compliant.

  • Improving the Sumo product to make sure you can build your email list and grow your sales without giving a bad experience to your end user.

Here are the features we’re planning on adding:

  • Landing Pages: We are going to offer landing pages so you can collect emails, share updates and run tests by creating pages for your site.

  • Tabs: Tabs are shown in the corner of pages and make a form appear if they are clicked on. These tabs adhere to the Better Ads standards and would not be affected by Google's ad blocking update. We are improving our tabs feature by offering more design and customization options.

When Is Sumo Doing It?

Our goal is to begin rolling out these changes as soon as possible. We’ll also be sure to share updates on this page. In the meantime you can also see how Sumo is preparing for the upcoming GDPR compliance changes here.

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