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Using Custom Code with List Builder Forms
Using Custom Code with List Builder Forms
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Important! We do not officially support the use of JavaScript in custom forms! They're not intended to make use of JavaScript, though sometimes it does work. If you notice your custom form with JavaScript stops working, we cannot help. HTML and CSS are fully supported.

  1. Click List Builder in your BDOW! Launcher

  2. Select Create New Form in the top right

  3. Step 1, My Goal: select "Collect Info With Custom Code"

  4. Paste the HTML into the "Custom Form HTML" field.

  5. Preview the Form to make sure it looks good, then click Make Live!

Bonus - Sample HTML code:

<center><img alt=”” class=”attachment-full” src=”<strong>IMAGEURL</strong>” height=”288″ width=”250″></center>
<center><strong>LINE 1</strong></br> <strong>LINE 2<</strong>/br> <strong>LINE 3</strong></center>

If you're not familiar with HTML, please have a developer install for you

* Thank you to Robert Granholm for this code.

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