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Installing BDOW! on Rainmaker
Installing BDOW! on Rainmaker
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If you have not already signed up for BDOW! (formerly Sumo), check out the Getting Started with BDOW! Guide before following the instructions below.

Installing BDOW! on Rainmaker

  1. Sign into your Rainmaker Dashboard and click on the Design icon.

  2. On the Design page, click Edit (located under "Appearance").

  3. Select Scripts from the menu on the left.

  4. Paste the Sumo code into the Header Scripts text area. Then click Save & Publish.

  5. After the changes have been saved, click the x.

  6. Once back at the Rainmaker Dashboard, hover over the menu icon in the top left corner and click View Site.

  7. Congrats, you're all done! Navigate to the top right corner of your website and enter your Sumo credentials to start using Sumo!

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