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Website platforms incompatible with BDOW!
Website platforms incompatible with BDOW!
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Unfortunately, BDOW! (formerly Sumo) is not compatible with either or Wix websites.

If you must login to your website using, it's a website and BDOW! will not work.

If your website is self-hosted (, BDOW! will work for you. Check out our guide for help installing BDOW! on sites HERE. :)

If your website is a single-page app we don't guarantee compatibility with all BDOW! features.

Because pages are typically loaded via javascript in single-page apps, anytime there is a URL change, your browser doesn't actually reload the new page, and BDOW! isn't aware that the page has actually changed. This will cause certain features to not work properly, as the events taking place on your page are essentially invisible to BDOW!.

We're looking to improve single-page app compatibility in a future update to BDOW!!

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