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Managing your Account
Managing your Account
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Managing your Account

This guide covers everything available on your account pages.

Logging In

Before we begin, we need to be logged into your account. Navigate to in your browser.


When the main page finishes loading, look for the Log In link at the top-right corner of the page and click on it.


You should now be at the login screen. Enter your login credentials here.


Your Sites

After you successfully log in, you should be at the Your Sites page, which is one of your account pages on Here you can manage all of the sites you have installed Sumo on for this particular account.


At the top you will see navigational links for Your Sites, Statistics, Billing History, Account Settings, Email Preferences, and Help.


If you have a basic Sumo plan, then you will also see a button for Upgrade to Sumo Pro at the top as well. The Help link simply takes you to the Help Center, and the Upgrade to Sumo Pro button takes you to a page where you can choose a Sumo Pro plan to switch to for your site(s). The rest of those navigational links, however, are covered at length later in this guide.


On the top-right corner, you can see an Account dropdown menu, which includes two links: one is a link that leads to Your Sites (the page we currently are on), and the other is a link to Log Out of your account.


Next to each of your site listings is a Manage dropdown menu with the following options:

  • Edit Site Details: selecting this brings up a dialog box where you can submit a new Site Name and/or new Site URL.

  • Visit Site: selecting this will take you to the actual site.

  • View Statistics: selecting this takes you to that site's Statistics page, allowing you to see the performance of your installed apps.

  • View Install Code: selecting this takes you to a page with installation details.

  • Delete: selecting this deletes the site.

To the right of the Manage dropdown menu is a right-angle bracket (>) that you can click on to reveal the following details about that site: its SiteID, who it was created by, the Date Created (which refers to the date that Sumo Site was created), and when it was Last Active (which refers to the date that you first logged into Sumo on your website after installing it).


If you have a Sumo Pro plan associated with a particular site, you should see a PRO tag next to the site URL. Additionally, there should be either an ACTIVE tag or an INACTIVE tag, depending on whether the site ever had a successful login with Sumo installed.



Finally, at the top-right is an Add New Site button.


Selecting this button opens a dialog box where you can add a new site to your account.


After submitting the new site URL, you are taken to the Sumo install code page where you can take the install code and add it to that site to install Sumo on it.



Statistics is the second page listed in the top navigation of your account pages.


Here you can pull up all of the available weekly statistics for any one of the sites that are on your account using the dropdown menu at the top.


A randomized article also appears on this page with helpful tips on running your site with Sumo.


Billing History

Billing History is the third page listed in the top navigation of your account pages.


Here you can pull up your past billing invoices based on the following periods of time: Last Week, Last Month, and the Last Three Months.


If that is insufficient, you can use the datepickers to choose a starting date and an end date for the full billing period you wish to view.


Choosing a start date:


Choosing an end date:


Account Settings

Account settings is the fourth page listed in the top navigation of your account pages.


Here you can change the details of your account by using the form on the page to submit a new name, phone number, and/or email address.


You can also change your password by selecting the Want to change your password? button.


Selecting this button adds additional input fields on the page for you to enter your current password, to enter your new password, and to confirm your new password.


Email Preferences

Email Preferences is the fifth page listed in the top navigation of your account pages. Here you can change the email settings for what emails you want to receive (if any) by toggling the following options:


I. Email Preferences - these are settings that affect everything that Sumo can send to you:

  • Allow Sumo to send me emails

II. Sumo - these are settings that affect specific categories of Sumo emails that can be sent to you:

  • Receive news and updates

  • Receive Weekly Statistics Digest Email

III. Your Site(s) - these are settings that affect any site-related emails that can be sent to you for the URL(s) and SiteID(s) listed:

  • Receive Image Sharer updates

  • Receive List Builder updates

  • Receive Google Analytics updates

  • Receive Share updates

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