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Logging into BDOW!
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Need some help logging into your Sumo App Dashboard? Wanna hide the Sumo badge on your site, but still be able to log in? If so, then you've come to the right article!

Logging into Sumo

To log into your App Dashboard in Sumo, you first need to navigate to the site you want to use for this tutorial. If you haven't changed the default display settings for your Sumo badge, you should be able to see a thin blue bar in the upper-right hand corner when you navigate to your site.


Hover your cursor over the blue bar on the page to make the badge expand, then click on it.


Hiding the Sumo Badge

To keep the Sumo badge from appearing on your site, open the Sumo Launcher. Open the Launcher settings and select "Settings".


The first tab that opens is your Account tab. Underneath the it is the Badge tab. Select it.



Under the section Badge location, open the dropdown menu and select Hidden.


Then select the SAVE button at the bottom right corner.

Logging in with a Hidden Badge

Once you have set the Sumo badge to be hidden when your site loads, navigate to your site. Then type "sumo" and then press the up arrow key (e.g. "↑") on your keyboard. This brings up a dialog box to enter your login credentials. For additional information on using the hidden Sumo badge, feel free to check out our Logging in with a Hidden Badge article.

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