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Managing List Builder Forms
Managing List Builder Forms
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Now that you've created your first Form, you may want to tweak it a bit. Let's open up the Forms view and see what options are available!

Setting the Form's state

Your Form can have 3 different states: Active, Paused, or Deleted.

You can switch between Active or Paused by toggling the State Switch in the Forms view:

Sumo List Builder - Setting Form State

You can also delete and undelete Forms. To delete a Form, select Delete Form from the dropdown next to it.

Sumo List Builder - Delete Form

Made a mistake and deleted the wrong Form? No problem, just set the Filter to view deleted Forms and click Restore Form next to the Form you want to undelete.

Sumo List Builder - Restore Form

Editing and Renaming Forms

Have some changes you want to make to your Form? Not a problem, just click the Edit button next to it and you'll be taken back into the WYSIWYG editor.

Sumo List Builder - Edit Form

Want to change the name of your Form to be more descriptive? Click Rename in the dropdown menu next to it and select a new name!

Sumo List Builder - Rename Form

Cloning Forms

Cloning your Form allows you to preserve it for future use, or give you a baseline to make changes from if you don't want to affect the original. Click Clone Form from the Form's dropdown menu.

Sumo List Builder - Clone Form

Downloading CSV

If you've been collecting subscribers and want to access your subscriber list, you can download it to a CSV file to manage. Click the Download CSV button from the dropdown menu next to each of your Forms.

Sumo List Builder - Download CSV

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