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Embarking on a Journey with our Formsync™ Integration
Embarking on a Journey with our Formsync™ Integration
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Discovering the Magic 🪄 of Formsync

What is Formsync?
Imagine Formsync as a magical bridge between your email service's cozy little island 🏝️and the bustling mainland of Sumo. When visitors land on your site and decide to subscribe, Formsync is the enchanted boat ⛵️ that carries their information (like their email and any other treasures they decide to share) across the waters 🌊, ensuring it arrives safely on your email service provider's shores.

Think of Sumo not as a form builder but as a friendly guide, showing your visitors the way to your island 🏝️ without actually changing the landscape. It's about connecting paths, and mapping Sumo fields to your providers fields, not creating new ones. While Formsync loves to carry over basic treasures (basic static fields), it's still learning how to transport the more unique, ever-changing treasures (dynamic / custom fields) so those are not yet supported.

Your Island (Your Form):

  • Receives treasures (information) from visitors

  • Always has a spot for an email input

  • Can invite visitors to share more about themselves (optional additional fields)

Sumo, Your Guide:

  • Gathers emails and any extra treasures

  • Connects them to your island's treasure chest (your form)

Setting Sail with Formsync ⛵️

Embarking on Your Journey:

To start, you need an opt-in form from your email service provider—it's your treasure map 🗺️.
Here's how to chart your course with Formsync:

  • Log into Sumo!

  • Head to the Launcher, your ship's helm, and click on the Settings menu. Select "Settings" to view your map.

  • Click on the Integrations tab at the top

  • You'll see a list of mystical Email Service Providers. Look for the "Formsync" option and select it.

  • Click "Connect" to anchor your ship. This is where you'll share your form HTML code, like whispering the secret password to enter the island.

  • Identify the spot on your map where emails are buried (Simply select the email field from your form).

Gathering Extra Treasures

Got more than just email treasures on your map? Here's how to make sure they're all collected:

In the world of List Builder 3:

  • Open Your Treasure Chest Editor: This is where you keep your collection tools ready— (the List Builder popup editor).

  • Select any extra fields you've marked on your map 🗺️, like a "First Name" spot.

  • On your map (the editor), match these extra fields to the Formsync fields to ensure they're recognized.

And there you have it: a playful guide to setting up your Formsync™ integration, ensuring your visitors' treasures find their way to you through the magical world of Sumo.

Happy treasure hunting!

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