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Managing Your Multi-Site Plan
Managing Your Multi-Site Plan
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Multi-site Plans

The total number of sites that you can add to your Sumo Pro subscription depends on your current plan. The grid below illustrates the number of Sites each plan supports. The original site attached to the subscription is counted towards the total number of sites you're allowed to add on your plan.


Managing your Sumo Multi-sites

Adding a Site

To add a site to your multi-site subscription, log into the Sumo App Dashboard of any of the sites attached to your Pro multi-site plan, open the Launcher settings and select Sumo Store.


This should then open up the Billing tab, which lists your subscriptions. It may take a moment for your subscriptions to load.


Select the ASSIGN SITE TO SUBSCRIPTION button underneath your multi-site plan.


If you don't have any other active sites to add (i.e., sites with Sumo properly installed), you are greeted with the following dialog box: Uh oh! You don't have any other active Sumo sites. Click below to add a new site.


Clicking on the GO TO SITES button will take you to your My Sites account page, where you can add a new site by:

  1. Selecting the Add New Site button.

  2. Entering the URL of the site you want to add in the text field within the dialog box, then selecting the Add Site button.

  3. After you submit your URL, follow the instructions on the next page to finish up installing Sumo on your site.

After you have Sumo installed successfully on another site, select it from the dropdown menu on the Assign Site to Subscription dialog box, then select the ASSIGN SITE button.


Removing a Site

To remove a site from your multi-site subscription, select the REMOVE SITE button next to the site you want to remove, then select YES at the dialog box that appears.



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