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How to Cancel and Resubscribe
How to Cancel and Resubscribe
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You can choose to cancel your subscription with Sumo at any time. You also have the option to resubscribe to a subscription you previously canceled, should you change your mind down the road.

Locating your Subscription

Before we start, we need to locate the subscription that you wish to modify.

1 Go to, making sure you are logged in as the account the subscription was created with.

2 Find the Sumo Site you want to cancel the subscription on (it should have a Pro label next to it) Click the Manage button to the right.


3 After clicking the Manage button you're taken to the Sumo App Dashboard. Open the Launcher settings and select Billing.


4 Look for the subscription you wish to cancel, then click on the View button under the Action column.


Cancel your Subscription

1 You should now be on your Subscription page.


2 Look for the Status section toward the bottom, located underneath Payment History, and select the CANCEL SUBSCRIPTION button.


3 This starts the cancelation flow where you answer some additional questions. Once your cancelation request is properly submitted, you should receive an email about the status of your cancelation.


1 To resubscribe, simply go to your Subscription page and select the RESUBSCRIBE button under the Status section at the bottom.

Note: If a Legacy plan is cancelled, it cannot be re-purchased. A current Sumo plan must be purchased instead.


2 You should see a dialog box asking you to confirm that you wish to resubscribe. Select the Yes, resubscribe me! button.

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