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Product Recommendation to Drive Sales
Product Recommendation to Drive Sales
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Why is it important?

  • Drive sales & average order value higher for your top or new products.

  • Make it easy for visitors viewing your product pages to add a top product to your cart

  • Cross-sell visitors on complementary or related products

How to set this up?

Head into BDOW! (formerly Sumo) and create a new form.

  • Choose ‘Call-To-Action as the ‘Goal’

  • Choose ‘Scroll Box’ as your form type

  • Select the ‘Plants’ template in the Design area

Next, add your product image and change the call-to-action redirect URL. You can do this by clicking on the button and changing the ‘redirect url’ on the left-side.


Click on the button and change the url to the product url on your site. Also be sure to change the button text to match your action.

Setup Your Visibility Settings:

  • A great place to target is your ‘products’ or ‘collections’ pages.

  • Another great place is targeting a specific product page, if you can upsell or cross-sell your visitors.

  • Scroll %: Use BDOW! content analytics (you’re using this, right?) to track where your readers are scrolling down the page. If you’re not sure, start at 25% and test how this looks as you scroll down your page. You’ll get a feel for what feels right.

Pro Tip:

As you release new products. Simply copy this form, swap out the picture, change the URL. In a matter of minutes you have targeted product recommendations.

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