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How Do I Setup A Call TO Action Form?
How Do I Setup A Call TO Action Form?
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If you don't want your form to collect emails, but want to send customers to a certain URL instead, we suggest setting up a Call To Action button on your form. In order to set this up, follow the steps below:

1 Click Forms within the navigation menu in your Sumo installation.


2 Click Edit next to the form you wish to setup a CTA button on or Create New Form.


3 Select Add a Call To Action within the My goal section of your desired popup.


4 You will see that the email collection field has been removed, and has been replaced with a Call To Action button. Click the Call To Action button on the popup.


5 Enter your desired URL within the text field in order to specify which page your user should be redirected to when clicking the button.


6 Choose whether you want the URL to open in the current window your user is viewing, or within a new window.

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