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The Welcome Offer
The Welcome Offer
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Why is it important?

  • You spend valuable TIME + MONEY driving traffic to your site. Now we must engage these visitors to capture their email & drive sales via your email list

  • Use BDOW! (formerly Sumo) Welcome Email to immediately follow-up with your new subscriber. Include relevant information and links

How to set this up?

We analyzed BDOW!’s data or top performing welcome popups. We bundled the best performing forms into our Grow Your Email List shortcut to make it incredibly easy to get started.

This strategy combines our timed popup and our exit intent popup in one strategy. You can set it up to appear after 5, 10, or custom amount of seconds. If a user tries to leave before that time, the form will appear as they try to exit as well.


Best Practices

  • Popup Timing: Review your average page session to make a decision about popup timing. We recommend starting at 5 to 7 seconds. If your average user browses for much longer; if you have a long blog post, consider longer timeframes. See what works for you.

  • Autoresponder: Use this email to tell your new subscriber what to do next. What action should they take next? Here’s a few ideas:

    • Link to your best performing blog posts

    • Link to Instagram or Facebook groups where your community hangs out

    • Link to your latest collection or upcoming product landing page

  • Custom call-to-actions: Our standard headlines, description, and button call-to-actions are effective. But try using language specific to your brand and voice. That will resonate with your audience

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