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Integrating with MailChimp
Integrating with MailChimp
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Mailchimp integration details

Key integration features:

1 Disable double opt-in: You can choose to not require BDOW! subscribers to confirm a double opt-in confirmation email sent from Mailchimp.

2 Interest groups: You can choose one or more (or none) Mailchimp Interest Groups to apply to your BDOW! subscribers.

Note: You will need your Mailchimp account username and password in order to connect to Mailchimp within BDOW!.

Connecting to Mailchimp in BDOW!

2 Open the Launcher Settings menu at the top-right of the Launcher and select Settings.


3 Click on the Integrations tab at the top.


4 Now you will see a list of various Email Service Providers. Select MailChimp.


5 Click on the Connect button.


6 You will now see a Popup that will ask you to Login to MailChimp with your MailChimp credentials. You must provide your Username/Email,Password, and (sometimes) Captcha Security Code.


7 Select a List. If you do not select a list your emails will not pass to MailChimp and be collected. If you see "-- Don't push to list --" Your emails will not pass.

8 Determine if you want to use Double-Opt or not. MailChimp, by default, requires your subscribers to confirm through an automated Email before being added. This is called Double-Opt and adds a step for your user. You can disable it by clicking on this button. If it is grey it is not Disabled.

9 Click Save.


Setting up extra fields in Mailchimp

1 Sumo offers the ability to set up multiple fields in your opt-in forms. This includes standard fields such as First Name, Last Name and Phone Number. You can also set up completely Custom Fields or Hidden Fields!

3 In order to make sure that any extra fields you've set up will correctly pass into Mailchimp, check out our guide here.

Choosing separate lists per-popup

1 In Sumo, you can choose to push different Campaigns/Popups to different lists in Mailchimp.

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