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Using Campaign-level Integration Settings
Using Campaign-level Integration Settings
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Campaign-level integrations

When you connect to your email service through the "Integrations" app the settings, such as the list you select to send new subscribers to, will be shared between ALL of your SumoMe email apps as "Global Settings".

You can choose to decide to have a specific Campaign or List Builder 3 popup to use Campaign Level settings, which will allow you to choose a different list for that specific campaign or popup only.

Setting it up

(List Builder 2, Scroll Box, Welcome Mat, Smart Bar)

Ensure the Campaign is selected and go to the Integrations tab and then click on Your email service (e.g. Mailchimp)

Click on the switch to toggle from "Global" to "Campaign" and then select the list you wish to push to. Make sure any additional features we support for your service are set, then click SAVE.

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