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Setting up an Auto Response Email πŸ“§
Setting up an Auto Response Email πŸ“§

πŸ”₯ Everything you need to know about setting everything up to be automated! πŸŽ‰

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What is an Auto Response Email?

Imagine this: someone visits your website and decides they like what they see so much that they sign up to hear more from you. That's where Auto Response Emails come into play. They're like your website's way of saying "Hi" and "thank you!" to your visitors automatically after they sign up.

With Auto Response Emails, you can:

  • Give a warm "Welcome" to your new friends (a.k.a. subscribers)

  • Share a special discount code to make their day better

  • Send them a special gift, like a guide or a digital file, just for joining

It's a fantastic way to keep the conversation going and make your new subscribers feel right at home!
​How to Create Your Auto Response Email Magic

Ready to make your subscribers feel super special? Let's set up an Auto Response Email together! It's like sending a little "hello" directly from your site to their inbox after they fill it out. Here's how:

  1. Start Your Adventure: Open up your Sumo tool and click on "Forms" in the navigation menu. Think of it as the door to connecting with your visitors.

  2. Pick Your Messenger: Now, find a form you've already created – this is going to be the carrier pigeon for your message. Click to open it.

  3. Craft Your Message: Look for the "Success" tab on the left and hit Add New Email This is where the πŸͺ„ magic happens! You'll get to write the message that your subscribers will see first.

    • Tip: If you're dreaming of sending emails from a specific email address, we've got a guide for that too!
      ​click here to read the guide.
      Here's a quick rundown of what each part means:

      • Subject Line: Think of it as the title of your email – it's the first thing people will see.

      • From Name: This tells your subscribers who the email is from.

      • From Address: This is the email address your message will be sent from.

      • Body Text: The heart of your message. Keep it simple and sweet, as fancy HTML isn't allowed here.

  4. Preview Your Creation: Hit the Preview button to see your email come to life. Happy with it? Click "Save Email!" to seal the deal.

  5. Celebrate & Monitor: Once your auto response is up and running, head back to the "Success" tab anytime to see how many smiles (a.k.a. emails) you've sent, who's opening them, and if they're clicking on anything fun inside.

  6. Spread the Joy: Want to use this awesome email in another popup? Easy! Just go to the "Success" tab of any other popups you have and select "Load Email" to share the love.

  7. πŸŽ‰ And that's it! You've just set up an Auto Response Email that's ready to greet your subscribers with open arms. Go you! πŸ†

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