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How do I prevent forms from showing on certain pages?
How do I prevent forms from showing on certain pages?
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You can manage where the form appears within the Visibility Rules section of your form editor.

1 Find the form you want to edit and press Edit

2 Click on Step 4. Visibility

3 Within 'Display Rules' section click on Add New Rule


4 Next, create a rule that excludes the URL you'd like to exclude.

5 Click on the 'Not Show' rule type

6 Choose URLs then choose Paths

7 If you want to exclude a specific page URL, such as, choose Exactly Matching and enter your entire URL

8 If you want to exclude an area or category of your site, such as, or, then choose the Contains rule. Then add the category page you'd like to target (Ex. /blog, /courses, /products, /categories, etc.)

Pro Tip: This is helpful if you want to exclude specific pages, such as checkout, cart, or thank-you pages. Also if you have forms targeting specific pages, be sure to add No Show rules for that page on other forms.


That's it! Be sure to add your condition and press 'Update' in the bottom-right section of the screen.

To learn more, be sure to visit Display Rules article which dives deeper into ways you can use display rules to target referral URLs, device types, specific pages, visitor locations, and more.

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