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Getting Started with Message Center
Getting Started with Message Center
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What's Message Center?

Message Center is a tool for you to communicate with your subscriber list easily, right from inside of BDOW! (formerly Sumo). You can target subscribers and send them more relevant messages based on which Form they signed up on, the date they subscribed or even their country.

Once you've decided who you want to send a message to, you have the option of sending either an email or a push notification.

Subscriber List

When you first open the Sumo Launcher, you'll see your list of subscribers in the Subscribers tab. There are a few things you can do here.



You can filter your subscriber list using a few criteria found on the left-hand side of the Subscribers tab.

  • Name - If you've been capturing the names of your subscribers using extra Fields on your Sumo Form, you can use this filter to search subscribers by name.


  • Email Address - You can search for subscribers by email address.


  • Signup Date - You can filter subscribers who signed up before, after, or on a specific date.


  • Country - You can select a Country to filter subscribers by.


  • Source - You can find subscribers who signed up through a selected Sumo Form.


Download Subscriber CSV

If you want to download your subscriber list, click the Download CSV button.


See Subscriber Details

If you click on one of your subscribers in the Subscribers list, you can see many details about them:


  • Email address

  • Date subscribed

  • Subscriber's country

  • The Form they subscribed from

  • User Agent (browser details)

  • Subscriber's browser/operating system

  • Any other fields they filled out on the Form

Sending Messages

Once you've selected one or more subscribers to send a message to, the Send New Message button will become clickable at the top-right.


Click on it and you'll be able to design an email to send to your selected subscriber(s).

Note: If you have Sumo Pro then you can edit the Footer text that is sent out with every email.


When you're ready, click Send Message and the email will be sent out to the selected subscriber(s) shortly. You'll be taken to the Messages tab where you can see the status of any outgoing emails you're sending.


Here you can see any past messages you've sent, and the stats from each email, including:

  • Email subject

  • Status

  • Date sent

  • Recipient

  • Message type (Email or Push Notification)

  • Number of messages sent

  • Open rate of messages

If you click the > to the right of each Outgoing Email you'll open up a stats graph showing your open rate over time for that message.

Deleting Subscribers

In the event you no longer want an email address within your Message Center app, you can delete subscribers by following the steps below:

Navigate to the Message Center app within Sumo.


Select the subscriber(s) you want to delete.


Hover over the downward facing arrow on the upper right side and select Remove Subscribers.


NOTE: You cannot delete subscribers in bulk at this time. It's definitely on our radar, but we have no immediate roadmap to develop it and release it as a feature at this time.

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